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Thinking deeply to live a good life

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I’m sad to say it, but the Zettelkasten method workshop with Sascha Fast1 is finally over. It was an incredible experience that exceeded my expectations.

Before the course, my goal was merely to learn the Zettelkasten method. But in addition to that, I took away something even more valuable: Sascha’s personal insight into how to live a good life.

Now I feel that the real challenge goes beyond simply taking notes and putting them in order. The goal is then: how to achieve deep and correct thinking.

The Zettelkasten method is a good tool to achieve this goal. But, to really achieve it, it is necessary to delve into many other aspects of your life, such as:

And why pursue this goal of thinking deeply and correctly?

Because it is a way to live a good life in modern times :-)

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