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You need time to internalize new ideas

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I started my first Bullet Journal 12 days ago. The book “The Bullet Journal Method” recommends trying this method for at least three months to get a complete picture of how all its ideas, tips, systems, and tools interact.

Today, I had one of those revelations: You can expand your collections as much as you need!

Actually, it’s a “trivial” revelation. The book itself explains that the idea of using collections is that you can add as many sheets as you need as you go along.

However, today is the first time I realized the power and simplicity of this solution. A Bullet Journal is a self-scaling tool that allows us to manage the chaos and complexity of our lives.

I can’t wait for this month to be over. At the end of the month, the first monthly migration will take place in my Bullet Journal. I am sure this moment will bring more exciting revelations :-)

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