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I've started my analog Bullet Journal

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Yesterday, I bought a physical notebook for the Bullet Journal method.

I know there are digital ways to apply this method. In fact, one of the first things I did was look to see if there was a Bullet Journal plug-in for Obsidian or Vim. But finally, I decided to try the original version: a notebook and a pen.

My Zettelkasten is digital. There is also the option of using an analog Zettelkasten (as Niklas Luhmann originally did). Still, in my personal case, I find it much more practical to use a digital one. However, I feel like I’m already exceeding the limit of hours I would like to spend in front of a screen. Therefore, using an analog Bullet Journal is a way to fight against the trend of digitalizing everything.

Furthermore, I want to test the Bullet Journal method to the last consequences. If I start with the digital version, I think there’s a good chance I’m not really following the original method.

It’s early to say, but for now, I’m already enjoying this little analog space in my life :-)

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