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The deceptively complicated task of knowing what you want

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A few days ago Martin from Wintergatan posted a video1 about why he is doing his project: the Marble Machine. I have been following him for years and seeing how he is developing this enormous creative project is something incredible and truly emotional. And I say emotional because, saving the distance, I see myself reflected in him.

I see myself reflected in his doubts that make him rethink all his basic assumptions:

This last question is the one that resonates the most with me.

Because answering this question is a deceptively complicated task. We all have an answer to what we want to achieve with our work (or our life). But many times this response is unconscious, we cannot put it into words. And answering this question requires making conscious what is only unconscious.

In Martin’s case, after working for many years on his project, it is now that he has an answer to the question of what he wants to do with his project. In fact, it’s the same answer he had when he started it: to create a work of art. But the difference is that now it is a completely conscious response.

I will most likely write a post to explain his entire story in more detail :-)


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