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It is very profitable to invest time in processing ideas

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I’m still processing Mary Robinette’s workshop1 on the MICE coefficient. It is being a slow task for two reasons:

  1. Processing ideas, at this level of depth, requires time and mental clarity. And achieving these two things at the same time is complicated due to the urgency and day-to-day priorities.

  2. This is the first time I use my Zettelkasten for ideas on writing fiction. Therefore, while I process the workshop, I have to formalize the things I already know about this topic: in order to integrate these new ideas with what I already know.

However, although it is a lot of effort, investing my time in processing ideas is the most profitable thing I can do in the long term.

For example, the talk I gave about the myth of creativity was possible because one day I found time to think about this idea. But, also, processing the myth of the collaborative genius is what allows me to apply it consistently in my daily life.

Processing is a way to permanently integrate valuable ideas into my life.


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