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Sheep do not vomit grass to show the shepherds how much they have eaten; they digest the food inside and outwardly produce wool and milk. Therefore, proceed similarly and do not expose your principles to the ignorant; show them the behaviour they produce after they have been digested.

—Epictetus, Enquiridion (Handbook of Life).

Lately I’ve been making an effort to be more " reachable " on the Internet: participating in forums, commenting on blogs and newsletters, writing short notes on Substack, and so on. I really like the feeling of discovering and connecting with other people on the Internet. Feeling that the world is waiting for me to interact with it.

However, I feel that there are times when I get “carried away” and end up talking about ideas that I haven’t fully digested. I find these situations uncomfortable: I don’t want to contribute to biased and superficial thinking on the Internet. In fact, what I would like to achieve on the Internet is just the opposite: to offer the best thinking I can achieve.

Or, in other words, to produce wool and milk :^)

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