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The sudoku is almost solved

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The sudoku is almost solved :-)

As we talked about yesterday, today it was much easier to add notes to the structural note: so much so that I ended up adding four! I feel like I’ve almost reached the point of depth and development needed for this idea. Chances are that with one more session I will have everything in order to start writing the next entry for the Gestalt’s Garden.

It is really pleasurable to get to this point where “everything fits”.

# 202312181953 -S- How to have time for the Zettelkasten methodology
#-S- ##having-time-for-zettelkasten 

The aim of this note is to answer:

  "Following all the steps of the Zettelkasten methodology costs a lot of time, how can I find time for my Zettelkasten?"


Table of contents:

  Zettelkasten is a suitable environment for thinking.........[[20231014152718]]
  Choose to think outside or inside your Zettelkasten...........[[202401121222]]
  The Zettelkasten method is to think deeply....................[[202401150829]]
  A Zettelkasten costs no more time than you already invest.....[[202401160803]]
  The real challenge is to invest the time to think deeply......[[202401160814]]
  It is possible to think deeply without using a Zettelkasten...[[202401160821]]
  Zettelkasten is evidence that you don't invest time to think..[[202401160831]]

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