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The next post of the Gestalt’s Garden deals with a relevant topic of the Zettelkasten methodology. Moreover, it is a difficult topic to explain, because it is a topic that you can easily overlook if you lose the overview of what the aim of Zettelkasten is.

Before I start writing this post, I want to make sure that I have all my ideas clear. To achieve this, I have created a structural note (in my Zettelkasten) to answer the question of the post. Once I have done this, that’s when I will start writing the post. This way, I can focus on writing in a clear and didactic way: thanks to the confidence of knowing that my ideas are solid (or, at least, as solid as I can get them).

In case you’re curious, this is the current state of the structural note ;-)

# 202312181953 -S- How to have time for the Zettelkasten methodology
#-S- ##having-time-for-zettelkasten 

The aim of this note is to answer:

  "Following all the steps of the Zettelkasten methodology costs a lot of time, how can I find time for my Zettelkasten?"

Table of contents:

  Zettelkasten is a suitable environment for thinking.......[[20231014152718]]
  Choose between thinking outside or inside your Zettelkasten.[[202401121222]]

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