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Minimize and re-contextualize necessary evils

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There are things that we have to do because they are a necessary evil. However, it is important to identify those things as “necessary evils” in order to minimize as much as we can the time we spend on them. And once we have done that, we can re-contextualize those things so that they do bring direct value to our lives.

For example: cleaning the house.

My goal is to have a «clean enough house», so “cleaning the house” is a necessary evil that I have to do to achieve my goal. Ideally I would like my house to be clean without me having to clean it :^)

Once I have identified “cleaning the house” as a necessary evil, the idea is to minimize the time I spend on it to the bare minimum. For example:

And when I have done that, the next step is to re-contextualize that necessary evil so that it gives extra value to my life. For example, the time I spend cleaning the house allows me to:

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