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The meaning of my life

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Many times I have asked myself, “What is the meaning of my life?”

I have two ways to answer it: the rational and the emotional.

On the rational level, I have an answer that comforts me. The meaning of my life is to make use of my freedom as I choose, without harming others. It is an abstract answer, but, the advantage, is that I don’t care how I end up specifying it in practice. Maybe the meaning of my life is: “to have a good life”, “to think deeply”, “to have fun”, etc. But, for me it is enough to know that I am choosing to do those things freely.

On an emotional level, I don’t have an answer. At least I don’t have an answer that I can materialize in words. Rather, it’s a feeling, “Do I feel that my life has meaning?”. In fact, so to speak, it is on the level of other feelings, such as being bored, hungry, or stressed. It is something that, just by the mere fact of living, I can feel whether my life has meaning or not.

But, what is clear to me is that there are objective things that cause me to stop feeling that my life has meaning. For example:

And that there are things that give meaning to my life. For example:

And you, what is the meaning of your life?

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